Featured Wedding, Carolyn & Travis

I've never known a couple who knew what they wanted more truly than these two.  They are in sync, in LOVE.  They also knew exactly what they wanted when it came to the flowers for their big day and long story short by an act of pure serendipity our paths crossed.  Boy am I glad it did.  

Carolyn planned her entire wedding around peony season so obviously there were plenty of those.  Ordering hundreds of my new favorite variety, "Gardenia" peony was a special treat for the design team.  With pink and blush as the focus Carolyn and Travis put their full faith in us to design the flowers of their dreams for this once in a lifetime drop dead gorgeous wedding day.

Happy One Year Anniversary Carolyn & Travis!    June 18th, 2016

Photographer: Molly Jo Collection. Venue: Paine Arts Center. Silk Ribbon:  Froufrou Chic

Featured Wedding; Danielle & Andy

My reaction to seeing these photos taken by Laurie Marie Photography from Danielle and Andy's wedding day was pure joy.  I wanted to post all of them on instagram like in rapid succession.  They just put a smile on my face.  She captured the heart of this couple perfectly.  

It's already been one year! Let's look back at Danielle & Andy's special day! June 4th, 2016

Top 10 Filler Flowers to Know.

Your thinking babies breath right?  The most popular filler flower around and it has recently seen a major come back but there are a plethora of blooms just like babies breath that we use all the time to achieve that something extra.  Sometimes you just need something ... something fluffy or airy or whispy or branchy or delicate or textured.  Welcome to the world of filler flowers.

1.  Wax Flower  $-$$

Wax flower is the new babies breath (for us anyway).  We love to use this flower in place of babies breath.  Not only is it more in keeping with current trends and pairs well with other flowers but it is the exact same price as babies breath (babies breath is great too but works best as an element on it's own in large quantities).  Available in white/ivory, fuchsia, peachy pink, pink and also a wide range of stem died varieties as well.

2.  Astilbe.  $$$

A filler flower with some serious romantic qualities.  If you love texture but want to keep your flowers soft and romantic then this is the bloom for you.  We love to create a mono botanical bouquet of satiable blooms for bridesmaids or sweet flower girls bouquets.  Consider a beautiful cluster of this element for a truly unique aesthetic.  Available in white/ivory, the most perfect shade of blush, and a sangria wine tone.

3. Heather  $$

Most commonly known for its beautiful and vibrant magenta colored blooms, heather does also come in white.  It's not widely used for wedding work but we would love to an all heather bouquet someday for a wedding... any brides out there?  

4. Ginestra $-$$

Heres one that combines airy and whispy and texture all in one.  Ginestra is a lovely addition to centerpiece work when it fits into the aesthetic.  Available in white, pink and also some stem died varieties.  

5. Spirea  $$

Ahhhh, bridal veil spirea.  A personal favorite.  Every year I try to incorporate this beautiful and truly romantic, sweetly arching, slightly branchy bloom into wedding work as much as possible.  Something as simple as these delicate white blooms can make your bouquets feel freshly gathered out of the garden like nothing else could.  Best bet for maximum quality is May, just before the weather really turns from spring into summer.


6. Diosma or Calcynia  $-$$

We have recently been branching out (no pun intended) into the world of filler flowers to really see whats out there.  To be honest, in my previous work experience (Yes, Oprah) I didn't have to use these guys much so it's actually been surprisingly fun to explore some fresh cut varieties I hadn't ever really used before.  Calcynia is one of my fnew avorites for just the right amount of texture in centerpieces or for a slightly desert boho rusticity in bouquets.  A little bit can go a long way with this bloom.  Available in pink and white.

7. Babies Breath $$

What can I say about babies breath?  We all know it.  We all still have a place in our hearts for it.  For me this blooms has to be used in just the right way to make it work.  Generally, babies breath is one of those that I only use on it's own in large scale proportions.   Also, it's not as inexpensive as many people think so I often offer other options in terms of "filling things out" if that is the goal.

8. Astrantia  $$

Another personal favorite is astrantia.  What I love about this bloom is that it is the perfect bridge element to marry the recently popular wedding palette of marsala with blush and ivory.  I find it can be a harsh transition for those colors to come together and I love using a filler flower like astrantia's mauve-y color to make that more seamless. They are available in mauve and white and have a slightly botanical texture to them.

9. Eupatorium  $

Twelve years as a florist and I just discovered Eupatorium recently on a Holland direct list.  I took a gamble on it because it was sooo inexpensive at the time and the rest is history.  Now I order this white filler blooms fairly regularly.  It feels very similar to queen annes lace but what I love most about it is that it looks almost like a field flower so it adds a really natural and foraged aesthetic to arrangements.   It seems to be available year round.

10. Queen Anne's Lace.  $-$$

Otherwise known as roadsidia (roadside - ia).   Some florist humor for you there if you caught it.  Anyway, this bloom is a staple in wedding work.  Though it's delicate blooms can be fleeting it's well worth the effort to incorporate these blooms if your wanting an element of airy and delicate for centerpieces or bouquets.  Available year round.

I hope you found this list helpful!  There you have it, our Top 10 Filler Flowers for 2017! 

Stay tuned for more Flowers To Know posts.  Next up we are covering our top picks for foliage.  How to best incorporating the greens trend into your wedding day! 

Featured Wedding, Maggie & Nate

For many brides planning a wedding from a distance is a reality.  The first time I spoke with Maggie was over the phone and I could just tell from her voice she was the sweetest person you'd ever want to meet.  When I finally got to meet her in person a few months before the wedding it warmed my heart.  She is just a doll.  I loved helping with the flowers for her and Nate's big day.  We infused lots of seasonal springy touches wherever we could.  

 Let's look back at Maggie & Nate's special day! May 7th, 2016  Happy Anniversary!!!