Black and White and Love All Over

Let me tell you a story about the bride and groom who had such a kick ass vision for their wedding day I can only imagine what loveliness awaits them for all their days to come.  I've known the groom for many years, friends of the family.  The first time I met Lacey, his beautiful bride, her and Simon were already attached at the hip it seemed.  Sometimes people meet and they just know.  In the case of Simon and Lacey I have no doubts that that sentiment would have summed their love up from the very beginning.  

After they got engaged we talked flowers at my neices first birthday party.  Lacey had such a strong and very chic vision for her wedding day wanting to incorporating as many schwartzwalder calla lilies as humanly possible.  So I got to work and I think you'll agree, for Simon and Lacey's big day it truly was white and black and LOVE all over...


There are very few flowers naturally occuring in nature that come close to black, though the few that do are some of the most striking.  If there was one thing our bride knew she wanted for her wedding day it was the schwartzwalders calla lilies.  With their deep aubergine hue they are quite striking, adding a chic modern hue to the entire day.  We added mounds of reflexed white roses and hydrangea to soften things out and set them atop modern chrome stands for the ceremony.  

Three styles of centerpieces filled the room at Beckets in Oshkosh.  A third of the tables featured a towering 32" tall cylinder vase filled with a few perfect schwartzwalders and were then topped with lush mounds of roses and hydrangea collared by artfully folded black ti leaves.  Another set of tables consisted of a simple yet lovely mound of flowers in black and white.  To be sure the calla lilies were the star of the show we submerged three staggered callas in a tall cylinder vase, filled it with water and topped it with a floating candle.

In the haze of the day we didn't get to snap a shot of the bridesmaids bouquets which I have to say were really awesome!  A simple mix of folded black ti leaves created the base for three perfect schwartzwalder calla lilies and three perfect white roses.  Against black dresses, it was unexpected and unique yet modern and lush.  The talented Krista from Krista's Natural Light Photography beautifully captured the moment of the first dance as well as the image above from the ceremony.  Needless to say we are all waiting anxiously for the entire album and all the glowing loveliness she captured.

Congratulations times a million Simon and Lacey!