Green Bay Wedding Magazine

It has been way, WAY too long since I have graced the pages of this little flower journal of mine.  It's hard to imagine with the snowy conditions mother nature has bestowed on us this winter that, in fact, spring and then summer will come to us again.  The snow will melt, the ground will thaw and the first bits of green will spring forth from the ground.  Eventually spring will give way to summer and the beautiful blooms that ensue will be here for our hands to dig into once again.  Waiting with bated breath for the local peonies, dahlias, cosmos, celosia and all sorts of other local bounty to make bouquets like these below which were featured in The Wedding Magazine this past summer.


Late summer in the midwest offers up such amazing colors and flowers.  As I've said before, some flowers are just more special.  Period.  Dahlias are one of those flowers.  Here they are presented with a mix of other local blooms and nameless "roadside-ia" from Windswept Acres as well as a few unexpected tropical blooms for an added pop of color.  Maybe one of the prettiest bouquets I have ever made. Seriously...Ever.


Our take on a modern bouquet features segmented sections of vibrant celosia, two shades of cymbidium orchids and local blush calla lilies collared by folded ti leaves and a ti leave stem wrap.  


Roses get a bad rep sometimes.  A few things I like about roses, they are always available, the market prices barely fluctuate, the colors are almost literally every shade of the rainbow and a few that aren't probably even in the rainbow and they are the quintessential, classically romantic bloom.  Choosing the right rose in the right application can lead you to a beautiful and timeless bouquet like this one.  Simply put, we have Polo roses and Ivory Majolika spray roses collared by magnolia foliage.



A huge, sweeping centerpiece. In a field. On a tall vase. With impending storm. Equals a beautiful image with a lot of drama.  And when I say drama, I mean this lovely lady fell over in the middle of the shot.  Luck was on our side since miraculously the vase did not break and we forged onward.  

A huge thank you to everyone involved in capturing these images.  Talented photographers are a florist's best friend.  Gosia from Gosia's Photography did a fantastic job, fighting the elements, to get the tablescape setting above and Shannon from PeoplePaperPrints is responsible for the loveliness behind all those bouquet shots. Thank you to Nancy who is the genius behind The Wedding Magazine and all of her talented staff as well as the lovely models.