A Summer Floral Workshop


This post is long, extremely long overdue.  I hope you'll all forgive my blog hiatus, I had a baby and lost touch with the outside world for a bit.  We are back in the swing of things and I am so thrilled to be posting for the first time in a year (!) about our next floral workshop.  This will be our third workshop to date!  They are so much fun to teach and collaborate with the fabulously hip, girl-about-town, fashion maven, photographer, ballerina dance teacher and mother extraordinaire, Kirsty Gungor of Lovelies In My Life.  If you haven't already head on over to her blog and subscribe for her email blasts.  Its always a bright spot in my day to check out what beauty she is curating.

Anyway, a little bit more about the workshop... 

Just in time for summer (and all those luscious local blooms from the farmers market) we will show you how to take a collection of flowers and transform them into a lush, floral centerpiece.  Or, if you would rather brush up on your flower crown making skills, you can choose to have us help you learn the basics of wiring, taping and combining blooms for all your boho summer occasions.

Angie Kusek of Ginger Birch Girl will also be attending to provide a Rose Aura Mist Cleansing to rid us of all our winter doldrums and nosh on some yummy macaroons from Cake and Cookie!  

If you'd like to sign up please email Kirsty Gungor at kirstyloug@gmail.com to reserve your spot today.  Can't wait to see you all there!

-Special thank you to Shaunae Teske for photograph and Holly Marie for graphic design-