Featured Wedding, Carolyn & Travis

I've never known a couple who knew what they wanted more truly than these two.  They are in sync, in LOVE.  They also knew exactly what they wanted when it came to the flowers for their big day and long story short by an act of pure serendipity our paths crossed.  Boy am I glad it did.  

Carolyn planned her entire wedding around peony season so obviously there were plenty of those.  Ordering hundreds of my new favorite variety, "Gardenia" peony was a special treat for the design team.  With pink and blush as the focus Carolyn and Travis put their full faith in us to design the flowers of their dreams for this once in a lifetime drop dead gorgeous wedding day.

Happy One Year Anniversary Carolyn & Travis!    June 18th, 2016

Photographer: Molly Jo Collection. Venue: Paine Arts Center. Silk Ribbon:  Froufrou Chic