Featured Wedding, Amanda & Robin

It's already been one year! Let's look back at Amanda & Robin's special day! August 26th, 2016

On August 26th, 2016 Green Bay hosted a wedding that spanned the globe.  The groom is from France so the couple wanted their wedding to feel effortlessly elegant, something europeans tend to do so well.  I also tend to have a less is more approach to most things in life so although I felt right at home offering ideas to create that unique balance of sophisticated yet casual putting together all the elements Amanda and Robin wanted still pushed me to challenge myself and really think about every element, texture and color that was chosen for the wedding.  

Congratulations on one year Amanda and Robin!  

Photographer: Mark Hawkins Photography. Venue: Olde 41. Planner: Sash & Bow.  Macaroons:  Almond & Ivy

Featured Wedding, Alisha & Mike

It's already been one year! Let's look back at Alisha & Mike's special Day! July 23rd, 2016

One of the questions I get asked a lot is "When is the right time to start planning our flowers for the wedding day?"  It really depends on your style of planning.  Some people book their vendors close to two years before their wedding and I've worked with other brides who call me four months before their wedding.  I met Alisha a year and a half before her wedding and we talked a lot about color and overall style, she shared some ideas with me and we went from there.  A year later we met again and actually changed up some of the centerpiece designs as her vision for the wedding had evolved over the year.  I love the end result.  We infused just the right amount of pink and gold and vintage throughout the room at Olde 41.  Cassie Tebo captured all the details so beautifully.  And lets talk about that puppy...  this was only one of about 50 photos of that little guy.  Adorable! 

Happy Anniversary Alisha and Mike!

Photographer: Cassie Tebo. Venue: Olde 41.

Knowing Your Greens

The greens trend.  Its huge and it's real.  You can't even look at pinterest without seeing a farm table featuring a garland of greens.  In general, arrangements that are more naturally styled have become recently very popular for brides, and foliage plays a huge role in achieving this aesthetic.  From foraged greens to standard varieties of foliage florists are exploring a whole new avenue for design within this trend.  Ranging from dusty blue greens to deep forest green, the world of foliage is a vast one.  Here is the 101 on knowing your greens.

Eucalyptus.  $-$$$

Eucalyptus is the main player in the greens trend, brides are using it in bouquets, centerpieces, wreaths, garlands, swags, place settings... and on.  The dusty blue green color of the foliage pairs beautifully with softer toned blooms but adds a laid back aesthetic to your event flowers.  From varieties such as Silver Dollar, Gunni, Baby, Seeded and a few others, you definitely have options when it comes to eucalyptus.

Ferns.  $-$$

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes ferns are another great element to consider adding to your flowers for a hint of pretty and texture.  Our favorite are the maiden hair ferns which are delicate and whimsical when used in bouquets.  Other varieties work wonderful when used to add an element of interest into centerpieces.  We don't recommend using ferns in garlands or installations without a water source as they can often be water sensitive.

Vines. $-$$$

If your looking for a few vining elements either for a cascading bouquet or a large scale installation you've got a few options.  Locally, in wisconsin and throughout the midwest, you can find hops vines towards late summer as well as a variety of blooming clematis vines for use in wedding designs.  If all your need are greens you can pick the flowers off the clematis and you are left with a beautiful foliage.  Jasmine vine is available year round though not always blooming it's tendril like strands of delicate foliage are a beautiful addition to any project.  And perhaps one of our favorite but not often used options is called Wild Smilax.  This stuff is huge, cut from the south and delivered in a giant garbage bag (sound pretty huh?) it's available in late summer and fall and is perfect for large scale installations.  Strands can reach up to 10 feet in length with multiple terminations so if you've got a thing for greens definitely ask your florist about these.

Colored Foliage.  $-$$

Thats right, greens aren't always green.  A few of our favorite varieties to use are smokebush, dusty miller and lambs ear foliage, glycerin leaves, nandina, magnolia, begonia and agonis.  So if your looking for the perfect shade of something to bring all those blooms together?  Look to your greens!  In shades from velvety gray, ochre, gold, garnet, chocolate and beyond, there is something for everyones style.


Featured Wedding, Carolyn & Travis

I've never known a couple who knew what they wanted more truly than these two.  They are in sync, in LOVE.  They also knew exactly what they wanted when it came to the flowers for their big day and long story short by an act of pure serendipity our paths crossed.  Boy am I glad it did.  

Carolyn planned her entire wedding around peony season so obviously there were plenty of those.  Ordering hundreds of my new favorite variety, "Gardenia" peony was a special treat for the design team.  With pink and blush as the focus Carolyn and Travis put their full faith in us to design the flowers of their dreams for this once in a lifetime drop dead gorgeous wedding day.

Happy One Year Anniversary Carolyn & Travis!    June 18th, 2016

Photographer: Molly Jo Collection. Venue: Paine Arts Center. Silk Ribbon:  Froufrou Chic